The Best Camping Lantern Lamp You Can Buy?

If you’re looking to buy the best lantern lamp and can’t make a choice, maybe we can help you find the right one for you, for free?

So, what to consider when buying a lantern lamp?

First thing is lumens

You can get anything from 45 lumens, which isn’t that much, to 240 lumens, which can be almost too much.

You generally want something in the middle. For most applications 80 lumens or so is a really nice amount for around camp, but if you want a serious light, then you want to look well over 80, up to 200 lumens.

Next thing to look at is the size

Lantern LampThis one here is really nice, it’s very light and high lumens, and it’s free for a limited time. Yes, it is free as a part of a promotion and you can still get one today.

If you want to hike or camp, it is a perfect little light to carry around with you.

Battery run time is also something to consider

The longer is lasts, the better of course, but usually that means it’s bigger and heavier, so you need to make your own choice and decide what is more important for you, mobility or something else. The one just mentioned above can run for 36 hours on a single charge (uses AA batteries).

And the last thing to consider is the waterproofness

Most of camping lanterns are NOT water proof. That means they can get wet, they can get rained on, but you can’t submerge them in water.

If you need one, like, if you’re near a lake or on a boat, then you want one that will survive that.

You need to look at something like this one. It is weather proof. Be it rain, sleet, or snow, the Hybeam Pop Lamp will stand up to anything mother nature can throw at it.

Right now, it is totally free to get one, so if you’re looking for a really nice, small┬ácamping lantern lamp, that simply works, now is the time to get one.

As already mentioned above, these are going quick and as a part of a promotion deal, so don’t wait too long, get one today and enjoy the lighting.

How do you know which camping lantern is best to buy?

If you like camping, then you already know a good quality camping lantern is a must-have item as a camper. Especially, if you’re planning to spend your evenings and nights outside, under the starry sky.

You know you need a good lighting for your campsite and once the sun goes down, owning a camping lantern is essential for lighting the campsite. You may even need two of them, one for the inside and one for the outside of tent.

And since there are so many different camping lanterns out there, how do you know which lantern to buy?

Generally, these fall into two major categories and these are battery powered camping lanterns and fuel powered camping lanterns. At least these two are the most common known categories.

So, when buying a camping lantern, your next few questions should probably be something like…

  • Do I get a battery powered or a fuel powered lantern?
  • How much should it weigh?
  • How long should batteries last (if you choose the battery powered lantern)?
  • How bright should the lantern shine?

You may probably check out other factors, such as the weather conditions and the temperature at the campsite you’re staying at. If you’re camping with your children, maybe a battery powered lantern would be a better choice? It’s safer anyway.

If you need one for the inside the tent, then a fuel powered lantern is not a good choice at all, obviously, use that one for the outdoor activities etc, because, in most cases, fuel powered lanterns are usually brighter and more powerful, giving off more light to the campsite.

Keep a battery powered for the inside, because it’s way safer and easier to use inside the tent, and there is practically no fire hazard, and very safe to use around children. But, as already mentioned, they don’t produce as much or as powerful light as fuel powered lantern.

Also, make sure to bring some extra batteries and maybe even an extra bulb or two, just in case the bulb goes out and you’re left in the dark.

If weight is not an issue, then maybe an electric camping lantern is another option for you? These typically use fluoroscent or xenon bulbs, however, they may be a bit heavier and bulkier, and at the same time have a dimmer switch, to save more power long-term.



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