Camping Flashlight Clipart Where Does One Buy

The new camplite by wagon tech are perfect
for your next outdoor adventure camping
around the house or as safety light there
are two different models in this camplite
line the pop-up lantern and the dome
lantern in each product line there is a
chargeable lithium-ion version and an
alkaline version All four of the camplite
models have similar features including
strong rare earth magnets non-slip
rubber feet and folding hanging hooks
where the products differ is that the
USB rechargeable models have the USB
cable attached to the device for
recharging as well as USB output port
they also feature a battery indicator to
show the remaining charge of the
internal Lithium-ion battery all four camp
lights feature high low and SOS lighting
mode the pop-up lanterns easily converts
from a flashlight into a lantern with a
simple pull of the bezel the dome
lanterns feature high low and SOS
lighting mode the alkaline version of
the pop-up Lantern is powered by four
common double-a batteries
whereas the dome lantern is powered by
three Triple A batteries
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  1. These are great lanterns. I have used them camping and in storm situations and you can get light for a long time if you keep it on the low setting on the high setting it is still a long time I left one on just to see how long it would go and I left it on at 9pm and it was still burning bright at 10am the next morning. I did charge my cell phone with one but it did not fully charge it but it did give me at least a 60% charge if you want to fully charge your cell phone you would need 2 of them with a full charge on them. Don't pay to much for them though some places sell them for almost 50.00 but you can find them on e-bay and amazon for around 25.00. Here's a couple of links with good pricing. Make sure you get the one with the USB charger. You will not be disapointed.

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