Camping Light Cover Buy At Best Price

Rules for surviving a horror movie.
Rule 1, never travel alone.
You do, you’re dead.
Rule 2, no sex.
I know it’s tempting, but still, dead.
Rule 3, always carry the Duo L.E.D. Lantern.
Whether you’re camping in the woods with friends,
or taking a road trip without a spare tire,
a horror movie can and will happen to you.
But with this lantern’s 360 degree lighting,
you’ll always see that deranged psychopath
And with 70 L.E.D. lights guiding the way,
you can find your way to safety.
When the hot head of the group runs out on
his own,
pop out the two side torches and everybody
will by safe while searching for him.
The lantern has foldaway handles that make
it easy to carry while you run for your life.
And comes with 6 AA batteries, and 4 D batteries
to keep light shining for up to 12 hours.
More than enough time to survive the night.
With your brand’s logo printed on the front,
customers will know who saved their life and
will undoubtedly thank you with return business.
After years of therapy from seeing all their
friends get killed.
You don’t see that in movies too often, do
Well, anyway. If you want your brand to be
a lifesaver, call Quality Logo Products today
and get the Duo LED Lantern for the guaranteed
lowest price.
Oh! And another rule. Never be the funny,
hairy kid with a beard.
They always die.

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