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Full Nesters!
Where are we?
Beach camping.
Yay, look at this.
Woah, we are beach camping.
See you guys tomorrow.
Good morning travelers.
Good morning.
We just watched the sunrise on the beach.
Look at this, this is really cool.
So it’s really windy, you can see how windy
this is.
There’s a mini sand dune by our car.
You can see the footprints of animals that’s been here.
Let’s see the other side.
Oh, I was think there might be a dune, but
there isn’t.
Cooking water.
Making some coffee.
We are about to eat good baby.
We are making some chicken noodle soup, cuz the kids really want it.
And then we are going to eat some chicken sausages.
And we already made the coffee.
How’s your chicken noodle soup?
Don’t forget your bread, okay?
What are you eating, Kaili?
Yummy yummy in your tummy.
If it tastes good, just say “yummy yummy inmy tummy.”
It’s delicious, delicious, delicious.
We are cooking some chicken sausages, which is starting to sizzle.
Padre Island National Seashore has the coolest manager in there.
They just talked to our kids for about 10 to 15 minutes about all the cool little artifacts and things they found.
And the kids are really happy.
[Chinese] Look at this.
Kaili wants to show you that.
[Chinese] What is this?
[Chinese] I don’t know.
This is a seashell.
[Chinese] Dad, look at this.
What is that?
[Chinese] I don’t know.
[Chinese] You don’t know either?
[Chinese] It’s a frog.
So I tell you we are holding this.
This is a mouth from a fish.
Black drum.
Those are the grinding teeth.
Black drum, and they are in the back of the mouth.
Now this is really interesting.
Okay, this is an egg sack for this snail.
Woah, an egg sack?
So when the snail reproduces, it makes these pouches.
And it puts the babies in there.
Wow, these are babies?
And they look like a miniature of that.
If you look very closely.
They are baby snails.
Oh, this one is really cool.
Okay, so there’s a fish out there.
It’s a catfish, but a saltwater catfish.
They call him a Hardhead.
Hardhead Catfish.
And when the meat is all gone, and you turn it over.
There’s the crucifix.
Look! Turtle!
Look at that Baba!
This one is a red-eared slider.
That one is from a sea turtle.
Is that one from a real turtle?
It is.
But at the ponds out here sometimes, you’ll see a turtle walking on the road, close to water.
That’s what this turtle is.
What’s this?
It’s a called a fulgurite.
Have you seen a movie when there had lightning on the beach?
This is from when a lightning strikes the beach.
We are going to drive back on to Padre Island National Seashore.
This one of favorite beaches.
You can hear the kids say “dao la”.
“Dao la” is Chinese. It means “we are here.”
The kids are so excited.
Now this is the traveling set up.
The kids are in the back, bundled up.
Because it’s a little cold today.
In the sun, it’s actually not bad.
But in the wind, it’s a little chilly.
We are excited to be out here.
There is not very many people here in the Winter time.
But it’s absolutely gorgeous still.
You can’t get in the water.
But it’s fun to be out in the nature, watching the sunrise.
And if you have time watch the sunset, and stargaze a little bit.
We found a great stargazing place.
When we came here last night, the sky is pitch black.
You can see incredible stars.
It’s a little bit chilly, with the wind it’s
especially chilly.
So Padre Island Seashore got your covered as well.
There’s a Night-Sky Observatory behind me.
And this is basically a covered pavilion on all sides with the roof exposed.
And with this, you just get sheltered from the wind.
And as you can probably here, the wind died down significantly.
And there’s actually a little screen behind me.
Where if you brought a projector, you can actually watch a pretty good movie show here.
The kids are loving the sand toys.
Liu Cai-En, what are you doing?
[Chinese] Making a sand castle.
[Chinese] Can you say it in English?
Beach castle.
[Chinese] I’ll pack it with this. And it’s
Hey, where’s the other things?
Is that all mama?
Feels really good to take a little nap.
Mom, check out what we built.
This looks so cool.
This looks like a miniature desert oasis.
That’s the cool roaming turtle.
It’s free roaming.
And we got this turtle at the Visitor
Cuz our kids are the CUTEST!
Got themselves a little free turtle.
Is that a road?
It’s for the big truck?
Wow, this feels like basketball.
Wow, did you see that?
They are catching it in mid-air.
This is what’s happening – feeding the seagulls.
They are like “this is the good stuff.”
I’ll have to go check it out, and dip my toes in the ocean a little bit.
Is it cold? How is it?
It’s actually pretty warm.
It was a little colder earlier today.
The ocean water is probably very similar temperature year-round.
The sand was a little cold earlier today,
but right not it’s a little warm.
So the water coming up is actually perfect.
[Kids giggling]
This smile is worth a million dollars.
This is why we drive so far away.
These kids are loving it.
Look at this baby.
Hey, good morning!
We woke up, and it’s a beautiful sunset.
And I’m over here trying to record it with a GoPro on time lapse.
Hopefully, we can capture something really cool.
We had an incredible #minivanlife trip.
Now it’s time to go home.
Don’t forget to….

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