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– So for this one we’re
gonna have a look at the
Extreme Series 450 lantern, okay?
Now this lantern is battery operated.
Again, we’ve taken it out of the box
and sort of, loaded up
with some batteries.
Okay, three D cell
batteries this one takes.
So we’ll just basically
switch her on here for ya.
Okay so the high setting here,
we’re gonna get 18 hour run time
with that 450 lumen output.
Okay so just toggle between high and low
it’s just a simple depress
of the button there.
Not all the way in, just
a little bit of a push.
You’ll get a 36 hour run
time on that lowest setting.
At 225 lumens, okay.
You may notice if we
push the button in again,
a little red indicator
light lights up here, okay?
Just because this one boasts a remote.
Okay, so from a nine metre distance,
we can actually toggle
through the lantern,
and actually switch it on and off.
Nice for when it’s inside the tent,
and basically you want
to sort of, light it up
to go, to go the loo at night,
make sure the kids are okay,
that sort of thing okay.
So nice little feature
there with the remote.
Alright, this lantern
also, in the top here,
has a little bit of a surprise package
in the form of a little torch.
Okay, this one again you load him up with
some triple A batteries.
So three triple A’s this one will take.
Now this 120 lumen output,
so it’s again, not the
brightest light on the market,
but enough to get around.
Four and a half hour run time
on those three triple A batteries.
So a nice little feature there, okay?
Look, all in all, nice little
feature packed lantern.
Um, a little bit of a
hang hook at the top here.
So you can hang him up.
I love the feature of the remote,
that’s just a little bit of
an extra added bonus I think.
So, um, yeah, great little lantern.

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