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Hi I’m Sarah and today I’m going to be reviewing a camping lantern.
So this is the lantern that I’m going to be reviewing. It came in a box that looks like this. I found this on
Amazon for £60, it’s reduced to £12. It
still is at the moment. I’ll leave links for
you below. I would never have bought it at
£60 because, if you look at the box or any
of the descriptions it’s described well, but
it doesn’t have a brand name. I know brand
names aren’t everything, but it kind of makes
me suspicious. If I do see something and it’s
Gerber or jack Wolfskin, then I have an idea
of what sort of quality to expect. Unbranded
items I don’t know anything about them and
they tend to be cheaper, lower quality goods.
The only thing that I had to compare this
to, I have other lanterns. I’ve got them all
here. This is a wind up lantern by Silverline.
I’ve done a previous review on this. It’s
amazing. It’s cheap and it works a treat.
I love it. The only other solar lantern I
had is this one. Now this is unbranded and
I got this off Amazon as well. I think you
can get them on Ebay as well. This was about
£12-£15 and it has the quality of a £12-£15
item. It works. You leave it in the sunshine
this way up, turn it round at night time and
it glows a soft white glow. There’s a little
LED in here, but this bit comes off easily.
It’s kind of wobbly, it doesn’t quite fit
together. It’s not perfect. It reflects the
£12 price tag. Now this has a RRP of £60.
I would never have paid that as I said, but
it was only £12 and I thought will it be
£60 worth of value or £12 worth of value.
And I was expecting it to be fairly similar
to the one that I had already. Now it has
little handles on the side which sort of keep
it closed. You pull them up like this, and
it’s a really bright light. It definitely
would be useful camping. You can carry it,
or you can hang it. You can also, use the
button on the side and turn it on this way
underneath and if you do that, there’s a little
handle this way, so you can carry it that
way. You can also charge it via USB and a
mains on that side. So you don’t just have
to rely on solar power to charge it. I did
a test obviously to see if it’s main claim
of being solar powered – did it really work?
So I left it in the window with the other
one as I do every day. And I know this window
catches enough light for that one to work,
and that one’s a bit shoddy. Left it there
for 24 hours to give it a good charge and
then I tried it that night and as you can
see it’s really quite bright. It stayed on
all night and once it got morning time I thought
I’ll leave it on and see how long it takes
to completely run out of power. So this is
after 17 hours. It’s started to go a little
bit dimmer but it’s clearly very bright still.
I don’t know how well this will show up on
camera. So it’s still going strong. after
48 hours, it got a lot dimmer, but it was
still going and I just wanted to charge it
and make it brighter so I could carry on using
it normally. As long as it lasts 24 hours,
like a night time, then that’s all that you
want. I use these for night lights for my
children and in the hall so I don’t need to
turn a bright light on when I need to sneak
into their rooms to check they’re okay, but
the reason I have them is so I there is ever a power cut I know that we’ve got plenty of
light to do whatever we need to do. So as
long as it lasts an evening, that’s good enough
for me, and it definitely, definitely does.
It does feel a lot sturdy than that one. The
quality of it is well worth the £12 price
tag. Probably wouldn’t have paid £60 but
I probably would go up to about £30. So if
you’ve had a look at this before and you weren’t
sure because there were only two reviews, I’d definitely give it a go. I think it’s
well worth it. Because this is in my Budget Prepping Series and any good items that I
like, I’m doing a giveaway for, so if you
would like to win your very own one then leave
a comment and in two weeks from today, I’ll put all the information in the description.
As long as you’re a subscriber and you’ve
left a comment I’ll pick someone at random
and then I can send you your very own one. I’m trying to think if there was anything
else that I noted that I wanted to say about
it. Really impressed with it. I didn’t expect
much and it exceeded my expectations.
Also, it’s perfect for blanket forts.
Thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you all soon.

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  1. Great review Sarah, great price too, well worth checking out for that price, has some good features.

  2. Shame there is no brand or specific name for the lantern as I'd love to search ebay or aliexpress for one and see what price they go for on those sites. Looks like a really nice bit of kit.

  3. who cares about Bug out etc.. as long as it's good for blanket forts & indoor tents it's worth it !!But seriously, good review & it seems to have a long battery life

  4. Thanks for the review. Managed to find these on Amazon US for $10.68 (about 8.05 GBP?). Great bargain. Definitely going to pick up a couple to put away.

  5. We took a similar style one on our camping holiday this year (Although ours is battery powered) and it is perfect for the bashing it took (from my head, as I walked around the tent 🙂 ) The Solar and rechargeable features on this one look great too. Great review, would be great to feed my torch / lantern / lighting addiction 🙂

  6. i know i have missed the comp but just wanted to say i have only found your channel a few days ago i am new to prepping and im finding your vids help full thanks for doing them

  7. Hello Sarah, I have just watched a video on another YouTube channel about a lamp which looks identical to the one in this video. The channel is Bigclivedotcom. He took the lamp to bits and looked at its circuitry and basically, he believes it is very dangerous when it is plugged into the mains.

    All the best, David

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