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welcome back to the channel today I’m
going to be looking at some LED camping
lanterns from Vont
these are for camping the lanterns but
even so they’re so useful in everyday
home life
we’ve had several electrical outages due
to weather and trees down everything but
we’ve always reached for these handy
dandy little camping lanterns they’re
easy to pull on all you have to do is
pull them up adjust to whatever
brightness you wish or just easily store
them away they are much better than
flashlights in a lot safer and easier to
use and candles you get all around 360
degrees light without having to forfeit
anything all right so these are sold in
packs of two like that for a big box of
four maybe you’re actually into camping
or like us you have a lot of outages so
you get four nicely nestled in this box
right here great value as well they are
each of them use three double A
batteries and they actually come with
the necessary batteries which makes it
very easy and simple to use all right so
this one right here already has
batteries in it but this one doesn’t so
I’m going to show you how easy it is to
put them in just gotta turn the bottle
around and that’s the battery
compartment and then I’m going to use
the batteries provided let me open them
real fast
all right very simple shows you where
they go so you’re not gonna have to be
confused about anything then screw the
back on
and it’s all good they are lightweight
with the batteries installed it only
weighs 10 ounces not even a pound each
of these bytes has 30 individual LED
lights so there are no buttons all you
have to do is just pull up you can open
for a little for a little bit of
illumination just engaging you to
reading light or you can open all the
way for all you need you can also choose
the amount of light you want by stopping
in a mid position just like I just did
so however you please shouldn’t have
manipulate the light to whatever you
want these are very compact in size
measuring four point eight inches when
closed and seven point one when open and
the handles down now you can use the
handles to hang the light or simply
carry the light
these are water-resistant to IP 44 all
right so here’s a closer look at the
lantern as you can see it’s a nice
cylindrical device you’re not gonna have
to worry about weird storage the handles
are great they’re two of them and all I
have to do is pull up for the light
now the light gives you 360° of light so
you’re not gonna have to worry about oh
I have to face this direction or put
this up somewhere so that you can have
light we have also used these handy
dandy camping lanterns to see outside
our home at night we locate the dog for
whatever reason and we venture outside
for maybe checking plants checking if
their frogs and fun stuff like that now
in my family not only do we like to keep
one in each room for an electrical
outage but we like to keep them in our
cars as well just in case we break down
in the middle of the night we can easily
access the spare tire with this great
handy dandy light all right so that’s a
look at the Avant can
lantern please make sure you check the
description section below for more
information on the product please make
sure you also let hit that like button
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reviews thanks for watching

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