Camping World Led Lights Where Can I Shop

Let’s have a look at this portable
Power bank, which can also be used as
a camping light
This is a cable to recharge it and
to charge other devices
And the manual
In the upper side you can see a hook
and a button
it turns the light on
for its usage as a camping light
I can show you how it manages to enlighten the room
By turning off all the other sources of light
It’s quite illuminating
Let’s see how to use it as a power bank
it has an Output and an Input socket
We will plug the USB side of the USB-MicroUSB cable
To the Output socket
Whilist we’ll plug the Micro-USB side of the cable
To the Input socket to recharge it
In the upper side we can see the hook
Some informations about the functions of this power bank

4 LEDs show the remaining charge
Capacity, voltage, etc.
The button
On the side there are the two sockets
The bottom is the light
Which can be useful while camping or in an emergency situation
The product is compact
And functional
In fact it has two functions
Light and power bank
which can be useful in different situations
I am positively surprised by it and also by its long-lasting battery

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