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The LED light board should be fitted according to the instruction manual. Have one PCB board or two boards,
be screwed on the stainless steel rod
The pipe can be telescopic,
at the height you want, you can rotate to the left to fix the height, to the right when loosen.
One DC end of a 4.5m cable directly input the DC end of the LED lamp.
The other end of the car charger is directly inserted into the car cigarette lighter.
When LED light working with a transformer or a 12V battery, we will use the positive and negative clip lines with vehicle charging connectors.
one of the ends connect to the car charger connector,
the red clip is connected to the positive pole, and the black is connected to the negative pole.
This is a 12V infrared remote control,
it has several functions for your reference when reading the instructions.
When use the remote, please unplug its plastic insulation card and then press open/close key to light up the LED camping light.
“100%”, “50%”, “25%” is the brightness of the light,
or you can use “BRIGHT+ “and” BRIGHT-” to dimmable.
The “MODE” button sets the flash mode and can set the flash speed and frequency.
Press “LIGHT” key to restore lighting.
LED camping light 12V system, [email protected] WhatsApp/Wechat:008615889417405

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